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GBC Motor Sports ATV Tires

  Shredder ATV Tires
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GBC Motor Sports Shredder ATV Tire

GBC Shredder ATV Tire

GBC Motor Sports Shredder ATV tires are a heavy duty tire with great bite and
puncture resistance.  GBC Motor Sports designed this ATV tire tread to be very
similar to the Maxxis Razr ATV Tire.  Many sizes to choose from and some heavy
plys available.  You will plow your way through the toughest terrain while the
 heavy ply protects you from many flats. 
Sorry to day we are currently our of the Shredder ATV Tire. 
We will update this message as soon as we get some in stock.


Size Ply Price
18x9.50-8 2 44.64
18x11-8 2 46.63
18x11-8 4 48.62
20x11-8 4 51.11
20x11-9 4 53.33
20x11-9 6 55.28
20x11-10 4 55.22
21x7-10 4 48.18
22x8-10 4 50.83